What is the kosher certification?

For some years, we have noticed a growing interest in knowing more about the so-called "kosher foods", for which many people in the world it has been only a matter of making a simple correlation oriented to the Jewish culture, meaning that very few of them actually inquire about their whole content and purpose.

The word “kosher” is derived from the biblical and Talmudic regulations of Jewish law and, in synthesis, it means “apt” or “appropriate”. This word is especially oriented to food.

These foods are prepared under Jewish dietary standards, which makes them appropriate for consumption since they comply with the Hebrew regulations. In this sense, the kashrut, or in other words, the Jewish dietary law regulates two main aspects: permitted foods and their respective preparation methods.

Which foods can be allowed to be kosher?

In this particular, some differences are presented, and this is where religion begins to set how these food standards really work. According to the law, there are regulations for meat, fish and some dairy products. In this sense, you can only eat the meat from animals that chew their alimentary bolus and have cloven hooves. Under this criterion, basically the allowed animals are chicken, turkey, duck and goose, while seafood is prohibited.

On the other hand, regarding the issue of preparation methods, there are also some very important regulations when it comes to accessing food. For example, the law does not allow to combine meat and dairy products.

Also, there is an important issue with kosher foods, which has to do with industrialization. More and more food comes from manufacturing methods where many of these products are already previously processed. Of course, this gives entrepreneurs wonderful opportunities, but consumers within the Jewish law limit their options when it comes to food.

Due to situations like the one described above, it was decided to establish the so-called “Kosher certification”, which works as a guarantee for foods from natural or processed origins that are suitable for consumption by every person attached to the Jewish religion.

Development of the kosher certification

Although it is still unknown since when this certification was implemented, the regulations have served to ensure the quality, cleanliness and nutrition in kosher products. Kosher Certification can be easily spotted by a Kosher symbol on the product.

Obtaining kosher certification is not a simple process, it establishes rigorous procedures before it can be finally achieved, so by obtaining this seal, you will having more than a quality product, you are ensuring that it complies with all the regulations dictated by Jewish law.

The Kosher certification has allowed a very wide market to open in different parts of the world, which has resulted in big food sales competing with each other under similar quality parameters, as long as the establishments belong to the rigorous Jewish laws.

Steps for getting kosher certification

One of the aspects that must be taken into account when requesting a kosher certification is that each establishment looking to process or handle this type of food will be constantly monitored. In fact, you can be being watched on social media and any means of information available. It can be known that permanent audits are carried out, both to the industries and to the outlets to fully guarantee compliance with the regulations.

On another note, it is important to consider that since the moment you get kosher certification, each ingredient, food additive and resource used in the process applied into production must also be certified under kosher standards.

The procedure must be audited by a kosher specialist. This means the manufacturing process must be adequate for the kosher requirements.

The kosher certificate has had worldwide impact, which has become an element of guarantee and quality. It has become a relevant part of the industry, since it offers a global solution that is easy and practical to implement.

It is estimated that there are currently more than one million products in the world counting on kosher certification. Similarly, it is estimated that consumers annually invest nearly 200 billion dollars to acquire them.

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